1. Donning a tousled, long blonde wig and deceptively sweet white dress, from the moment Priests vocalist Katie Alice Greer opened her mouth to sing at Cake Shop on Tuesday night, the room immediately became electric. With a sound that blends “the dystopian surf-rock of the Cramps and the radical rage of Bikini Kill,” the DC post-punk powerhouse—comprised of Greer, guitarist G.L. Jaguar, drummer Daniele Daniele, and bassist Taylor Mulitz—gave a raw and raucous performance, charged with the manic energy and thrill of a band with something to say and the experience to prove it. As Greer bellows with playful ferocity, the Kathleen Hanna-approved band wrap their politically-charged lyrics in danceable melodies that make you want to writhe with the fervor of those playing on stage before you.

    And after previously releasing their music solely on cassettes (Tape 1 and Tape Two) and 7-inch vinyl (Radiation / Personal Planes) this week marked the release of Priests’ debut LP, the aptly and wonderfully titled Bodies and Control and Money and Power. So to celebrate the release, I chatted with Katie about the new album, and had the band comprise a list of their favorite and most influential records for her to explain.

    DC Punks Priests Share Their 10 Most Influential Albums

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    at cake shop “that face looks like a turtle’ -taylor, commenting on own face
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