1. Like this movie will be totally fine if our friends and family show up to see the movie at some point. And it’s nice to have that lack of expectation and that lack of responsibility, whereas on a typical studio movie I’d be getting calls from agents and publicists and everyone’s tracking the movie to see how much the malls of middle America are aware of your film. And then you start getting frustrating headlines two weeks before your movie comes out because it’s destined to fail because awareness isn’t that high because of marketing and so and so. And this is a summer where that stuff has become really headline-worthy for some reason. I think that reason is because movies are costing 250 million dollars and they’re…

     Really not that good at all.
    And they’re really long and exhausting. So I think by making something that’s small and pleasant and didn’t cost a lot of money, nobody’s sweatin’ and you can get a little weird. 

    Twisting Expectations & Getting Weird: A Chat With ‘Prince Avalanche’ Director David Gordon Green

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    Finding out that Prince Avalanche was made almost in secret, filmed really quickly and only publicized after it was...
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    I so want to see this after watching an Emile Hirsch interview
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