1. For decades, William Basinski has been creating music that’s alive, with compositions that are both sonically masterful and emotionally potent. What you’re listening to is not only living and breathing, it’s also dying and decaying. What you’re hearing is the heartbeat between life and what comes after—a meditative and harrowingly beautiful death rattle. His music orbits through that space and lives suspended in that time with a wonder and warmth that pervades his melancholic loops. His notes coil and recoil, sinking you further and further into total absorption as you float out of yourself and into the realm of feeling. Basinski’s hypnotic work lowers you into an abyss in a way that’s sensory and delicate, making you feel as though gravity is of no concern, and your heart floats beside you as time stands still. As his music loops on and on and on, you can almost hear dust collecting and falling like ashes, and it’s too beautiful to imagine the heartbreak of it ever having to end.

    William Basinski Discusses Inhabiting an Eternal Moment With ‘Nocturnes’

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