1. As intelligent and provoking as it is sensory and poetic, Ry Russo-Young’s latest drama, Nobody Walks, will make you want to wrap your arms around a person and listen hard. Co-written with Lena Dunham, the film is a tale of unforeseen human connection, the pain of desire, and the consequences of betrayal told through a cast of characters whose lives intertwine but for a brief period—however, there’s nothing ephemeral about the effect they have on one another. With an affinity for making films about strong, independent young women and the chaotic nature of love, Ry’s latest feature tells the story of Martine (played by Olivia Thirlby), a young filmmaker, who is invited to stay with a cool, open-minded Los Angeles family while finishing a film she is creating for an exhibition in New York. Martine and Peter (played by John Krasinski) spend their days developing a fast intimacy as they work on the sound editing of her film; Julie, Peter’s wife (played by Rosemarie Dewitt), begins to blur the lines of professionalism when one of her patients begins having erotic fantasies about her; while their sixteen-year old daughter Colt (played by India Ennenga) lusts over an unrequited first love. From the moment Martine enters their home, she serves as the “gentle catalyst” that begins to unthread the family’s dynamic, leaving a trail of sexual and romantic wounds that challenge the family’s strength and examine the power of a young woman’s sexuality and the boundaries that we cross when held captive by desire.

    Ry Russo-Young Gets to the Heart of Her New Film, Nobody Walks

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