1. How was Scorsese as a director?
    Marty really is an amazing director.  I know that’s an obvious thing to say but the way he set up shots and the detail that he attends to is quite something.  I could see that early on when watching bits of playback in his tent.  And now I’ve seen the film I can see how that attention to detail has really paid off – it’s so beautiful. He’s not a director that tells you to do it in a particular way, instead he suggests different ways and he was always so encouraging. This lets you come up with your own ideas of how to play the scene and that in turn affects the other actors performances. The other thing I’ve come away with is a real appreciation of film.  All through shooting, he’d suggest films for me to watch.  I’m now really in to Kurosawa, and before I met Marty I’d never heard of him.  Marty also shared with me some of the early films he enjoyed as a boy and young man, I’ve got to see some of them now and can see what inspired him to be the great film maker that he is.

    Asa Butterfield on Hugo, Bonding with Chloe Moretz, and His Dream Role

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